I am tired

My roommate has kept me awake for the last 3 nights. Last night, when she, my roommate, made sure to keep me awake, I was sick. I had been to Group Therapy, and recounted my story of being waked up time and again the night before by my roommate. I had gotten angry. I told about this and how I solved my problem. I found myself surprised when the others ‘ remarks centered on wishes for a good night’s sleep that night. I was astounded. No advice. No speeches. Just wishing me well. I don’t get that here at the nursing home. I get plenty of suspicion. Plenty of doubt concerning my character. Lies, too. But acceptance? No. I came back to my half-room here at the home and wept. Their kindness felt so good. I am still crying as I think of their kindness. I have no one here to talk to. My roommate has been in a bad, ugly mood. I have been in pain. I am tired inside and out. It would be nice to have a friend



I am waiting to see if I am qualified to live in an assisted living home. This wait is terrible. I want out of this place so ferociously bad! I have had it with this place that calls itself a ” health care center ” and refuses to provide medical care for residents without family or friends in the local vicinity. You know, the kind of family who will raise Cain with the staff here and force them to do what is right. My children are kind, trusting and polite. Staff here ignores them. Staff here is a bad joke. I have discovered that if they can label a resident “mental “, more money comes their way. As a result, almost all residents have been put on some antipsychotic to meet this end for these greedy and cruel people. Antipsychotic make me deathly ill. Do they care? No. If I can get into an assisted living place, all of that will be straightened out. I will be away from the crooks who use residents to meet their own financial desires, commonly called scams. Pray for me that I may leave this dust heap of humanity

Again??? Please!

Okay. So the Elite of the staff here sent me to Senior Care again. Seems I was irritable and a few other things the nice staff at Senior Care wouldn’t reveal to me. Staff at Senior Care like me, and like to see me coming. I am independent, cooperative, agreeable, and nice ( their words, along with “no trouble at all”). So Senior Care was a shot in the arm. I was encouraged, built up, loved on, and pampered. Not like here at the nursing home, where I am falsely accused, physically abused, emotionally abused, and stolen from. I love Senior Care. When I got there, I told everyone who would listen that I was exhausted. My roommate would stay awake at night, turn on the overhead light, the television, talk to her friends in the attic, and otherwise keep me awake. I was considered the troublemaker for complaining about this awful situation. We aren’t allowed to complain here at Tattnall. We are allowed to exist. If we can do that on our own. Staff at Senior Care listened and showed concern. And cared. I had forgotten what love felt like to receive, except from Jesus. It was glorious! Never mind the doctor there put me on medication that made me deathly ill. I still have the confidence from their caring for me. Love of this nature is scarce at Tattnall Nursing Home. Sure, There was a grumpy, threatening staff member there, maybe two. But overall, kindness reigned. Tattnall has kind CNAS and nursing staff, but you just never know when you’re going to get in trouble. Most residents lay low, too intimidated to do or say anything that might help them feel better. Help has to be forced on Tattnall from outside forces, like State, and Georgia isn’t interested. Since I have been back from Senior Care, however, strange occurrences have taken place. For one, my roommate is showing consideration to me during the day and for sleep at night! Wow. The hall I am on is quiet at night now. Makes it easier to sleep. Someone at Senior Care gave me a sleeping aid that works. Aahhhhhh…..I feel like a person again instead of a demonic teddy bear. I knew Tattnall could do it. She just wanted inspiration! or a threat….

Senior Care Again

I was sent to Senior Care again. This time, however, it was different. When I got there, the staff who are well acquainted with me said, “It’s not that we’re not glad to see you, Miss Janis, but why do they keep sending you here?” I told them the truth: I had refused a medication, which was my legal right, and the nursing home I live at doesn’t allow its residents to exercise their legal rights. So any resident who chooses to exercise his or her right of refusing a medication or calling the Ombudsman endures a trip to Senior Care and possibly being put on medication that makes him or her sick, such as an antipsychotic. I was put on medication. It has made me feel very rough. I am praying that God will work out a way for all of this to work out. It was nice though. The staff there who knew me welcomed me with open arms and talked to me and trusted me. One nurse who didn’t know me so well asked me why I had to come there so often. I happily informed her that I had called the Ombudsman twice, after which calls said Ombudsman reported nursing home to State authorities for certain practices. State came out. Nursing home staff very angry with me. Why not angry with Ombudsman? So nursing home staff sends me to Senior Care and puts me on the hall for people with behavior problems. Senior Care is for people with behavior problems. I exercise my rights and get punished. I get sick and get punished. I am not the only one, either. This nursing home needs to be found out and closed down. They are making me pay for costing them money on repairs, paint, etc. However, they will cooperate or this place will be closed down. The toilets don’t work properly. Water runs out around the bottom of the toilet. The toilets stop up frequently. Granted a lot of patients are on medication that cause them to be constipated to a terrible degree, but our toilet still stops up. And a toilet I used on a “better” hall also stopped up for seemingly no reason. Another toilet I had to use wouldn’t flush. It was never repaired. Overflows have happened that we’re so bad the water went in the hall, not just in the room or bathroom. CNAS were sopping up the water with blankets and then mops. Well, that’s another reason I think this place will close down. Patient abuse and filth. Unless they change these situations. I would like to call the Ombudsman, but I just got back from Senior Care. What lie would they dream up next? May I say, I am not the first person at Tattnall to be harassed, and I certainly won’t be the last unless someone takes the initiative to help these residents. I am doing what I can.


So this nursing home I am at finally decided to send me to a neurologist. It only took 2 days of petite mal seizures ending in a grand mal. Even then, they drug their feet. I kept talking to the nurse, persuading her that a neurologist would check me out with the appropriate tests and adjust my medication or put me on some new medication. Finally, I got to the neurologist. Since my roommate has trouble sleeping at night, I was dead tired. I felt spaced out and went to sleep in the waiting room. So the neurologist suggested an eeg, an MRI, and a blood test, all of which I was supposed to have today, only I found out about it last night when the nurse brought my medication. Pick-up time? 6:45 am. No one bothered to tell me earlier so I might prepare for this. And 6:45 am? That meant no breakfast and no medication before I went. Why didn’t they talk to me about it? Why didn’t they ask me what I needed? Why? Because they don’t care, that’s why. I’m just supposed to get with whatever program they come up with and kiss the air they walk on. Last night, my roommate, who can be very nice, talked to the people in the attic until 4:00 am, when she finally went to sleep. I was so agitated, knowing I needed to get up at 5:30 to get ready for my appointment, that I decided to cancel. The nurse didn’t want to cancel, but she did. Honestly, this place is so aggravating. They show such disrespect to the residents, then are awestruck when the residents get upset! Please! They come here to feel important and get a paycheck, and right now I am so physically weary that if they fuss at me for cancellation, I am liable to pop wide open and tell them they need to change their attitude. I need that appointment. Pray for me and I will appreciate it greatly

Goes with story “It Happened

Just an addendum. Just as I went to the hospital and came back with orders, so I went to Senior Care and came back wit orders. The psychiatrist at Senior Care said I didn’t need antipsychotics and the nursing home was not to give me any. So of course they tried. And threw on geodone, another antipsychotic, as they moved in for the kill. I refused them all. Having no way to punish me, since that’s what they use Senior Care for, I was saved from going back. Staff here treats all outside sources as unnecessary except when they are punishing us. Hospital, an unfortunate outside source whom this staff has convinced is a sorry hospital, is actually a very nice hospital. They sent orders for me, to keep my seizures under control until an appointment with neurologist could be seen. Of course. You know what they did with that. My opinion is it went in the garage. Like all the other orders they send. And Senior Care sends. Lovely place. Would love to see it closed down.