Congress and Fox

It has occurred to me, from watching the Laura Ingraham show on Fox News, that Mark Zukerberg is a very special kind of person. I classify him as a coward. When Congress calls Zukerberg in for a review of Facebook’s activities towards political Conservatives, Zukerberg’s mind goes literally blank. He doesn’t know a thing about Facebook’s actions towards anyone! Mind you, Mark Zukerberg is the Creator and CEO of Facebook. Most company CEOs are strong men with wonderful memories. They have to see that their company is smoothly run, as Zukerberg does, or should. When testifying before Congress, Zukerberg becomes a small, witless boy, so innocent, so ignorant of the goings-on of his own company.

In front of a Fox News reporter, he becomes a tough CEO/dictator who controls all that is written on Facebook. And this is exactly what this man is. He and Kim Jong-un would get along nicely. As someone who has enjoyed using Facebook up until the past 2 or 3 years, I can testify that the CEO of this seemingly innocuous social media has become a place where even Franklin Graham has to watch his step. Many reputable persons have been let off of Facebook because Zukerberg did not agree with their political standpoint or their religion. Facebook has become a place where, if you are not on there to make frivolous remarks, you won’t stay long. Or, if you wake up and get on Facebook, make a remark off the top of your head that isn’t up to their “standards “, and their “standards ” are shape-changers, you’re out. Facebook is a power-game, and Zukerberg has the power. So far as I am concerned, this man with his 2 faces can have his “power. He’s getting absolutely nothing and nowhere with it. Mr. Zukerberg forgets, as do most power-hounds, that the people he abuses have their own thoughts and prayers and won’t be bullied for long.

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