Surgery had been changed to June 5. All was going well until I began feeling very weak and off-balance yesterday. I thought I needed to ask the caregiver for help with my pre-surgical laxative and antibiotics. So I called her to my room to talk to her and show her what I had to do and her part in it. She decided that since my daughter didn’t go through a particular pharmacy to obtain the necessary Gatorade and Mirulax, these and all others would have to be taken to Riverside to have their logo put on there as well as my name. WHAT???? I need these things TOMORROW!!!!! Surgery is at 7:30 Friday morning. If this assisted living home messes up my surgery date, I will be so angry. What am I saying? I am already angry!! The owner here is a master at messing life up for the few residents here. She is hateful and resentful and only collects money from us. Please pray for me. I have a tumor on my colon that needs to be cut out.

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