If it weren’t for these people who are put in place to protect the residents at nursing homes, assisted living facilities, etc., I would be in a terrible spot. The Ombudsman at the nursing home in South Georgia were unable to do much as the nursing home there was crooked as the cane of the crooked old man who lived in a crooked old house on a crooked hill. This nursing home should have been closed down years ago. As for the assisted living facility I am residing at now, it is not much better, except that, being so small, the owner is forced to listen to the Ombudsman or lose her income.

The situation here has been terrible. I was sitting in my room one day, crying. All I had heard since the newest caregiver had come was that I am a troublemaker, the worst resident she had ever kept, that the owner had showed her my records and I am awful, awful, awful. For a month I have been hearing this. Andrea, the owner, backs up the foul opinions of every caregiver she hires and I am tired of the verbal bullying. I decided to call my Ombudsman and tell her what was happening at the place that was so wonderful for “Mom”.

The verbal abuse has stopped, for now, thanks to the Ombudsman. I’m sure there are laws against this sort of abuse that were pointed out to Andrea. Why she insists on abusing me like this, I don’t know. One resident is moving out. She has a place to go to and she’s moving. Daughter’s rental house. Nice. I am drooling. The peace and quiet indicated by living in my own house is just what I want. My roommate wants out also. The other 2 residents are also wanting places to go. Not having relatives with rental property, it’s going to take more time for us to leave. It’s a sad day when elderly women are abused year after year and no one intervened.

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