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Something I never would have believed. I knew the owner lied for her own gain. She is a not a compassionate person. She wants her way and she’s going to get her way, by threat, or any other way she can. But by this way. This morning, a fellow resident here at this assisted living facility told me that the owner had warned her about association with me. A thirty-day notice was the consequence. Now, these thirty- day notices that the owner uses as threats so easily are, most of them, illegal. This one was, and I told my friend so. I told to call the Ombudsman if the owner tried it. I was surprised! My friend said she just wanted out. She was tired of the threats and trouble here at Rose Blossom. Besides, she went on, her best friend had left and now I was leaving. No one would be here to talk to except the two who don’t like to talk because they’re partially deaf. She’s going somewhere else.

Last Monday, I think, was the clincher. The owner left us with a woman who is nice, when she’s in her right mind. I couldn’t eat her food, as she spiced even the fried eggs up so much that I knew the spices she used contained salt. The grits were spiced up too. Oh Lord. Salt everywhere. That’s not the worst. The worst is that afternoon, I heard her yelling at another friend. The friend yelled back. I believe we had all just had up to our necks in maniacal caregivers. I asked my friend to talk to me. Caregiver came also. When I didn’t agree that she should have yelled at my friend, she got another friend, who has cystic fibrosis, and arthritis in one hip. Caregiver began to encourage this friend that she had the right to yell at Zelma, and Melinda gave Zelma a good scolding about agreeing with the caregiver. Then begged to go back to her room. She was in a lot of pain, but caregiver kept on talking. and talking. Finally, the maniac released Melinda and Melinda headed towards her room. Then she turned towards me again and began insulting me. “You’re a troublemaker, and you get angry too easy,” she assessed. I said, ” Maybe, but right now I’m going to close my door and I don’t want you coming into my room.” As I started to close the door to my room, she got this wild look in her eye and yelled, ” That door will stay open if I want it to” and pulled the door open. I got dazed, and only afterward did I realize that the door hit my head so hard that it left a knot. Actually, I had 2 knots. I had a bad headache. Later, my eye started hurting. I rather think this little episode did it for all of us. Who needs this any more?? We don’t. I felt sick after the door hit me like that. I guess it was the pulling too. I am 70 years old. I am strong, but no spring chicken. Besides, it’s one really mean caregiver after another. Nobody our ages needs this. We don’t live here and dole out our money to deal with people who have severe mental problems. If that caregiver had done Melinda that way, she would have wound up in the hospital. It’s time this stops. At least with us. I just hope and, yes, I have been diligently praying, that nobody else will be subjected to such foul and disrespectful treatment.

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