Mad Hatter

Well. I thought I’d get by without posting again, but the silly owner of this place has hired a real doozy this time. Yep, a doozy. I call her Maddie. She likes to dress up the table at mealtime as though it’s Party Time 🥳 and then argue through the rest of the meal. Mad Hatter. If we had a mouse, she’d be dipping the poor thing in tea from pure spite. I’m feeling like Alice, as though this is too much for me and who needs food of this low quality. This isn’t a party! 🎈🎈 This is…insanity. The Twilight Zone. I’ve fallen down Alice’s rabbit hole, and I can’t get out! HELP!!!

I called the owner this morning after Maddie yelled at Zelma, and roundly chewed her out. When the yelling stopped, I went to fetch Zelma to talk to her. I had something to give her. Unfortunately, Maddie came with Zelma. Maddie wanted me to be on her side. I wasn’t. I was on my friend’s side. This made the hat 🎩 on the Mad Hatter slip! and she lost her balance. Emotional balance, that is. She started screaming at me, berating me for something…I wasn’t sure what. Then she said I was a troublemaker and I was on familiar territory. The terrain was suddenly level! I told the star of this new episode of Twilight Zone that I was closing the door to my room and to stay out, whereupon she grabbed the door and pushed against it with all the force she could muster to keep it open. I was furious. After days of continuous arguments that made as much sense as the Cheshire Cat or Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, I just let out a big scream! Maddie said, you can’t do that. I suggested she call the police.

Why such a suggestion? I have been cold for days and nights without end. I have been hungry to the point where I lost weight. I have been neglected. All of this happened here, at this wonderful assisted living facility. Facility. Humbug. I am guessing I am fed up with it all. And now, when the owner returns my call, should she see fit to do so, she will probably tell me to “give Maddie a chance”. Yeah. Down the rabbit hole until Miss Andrea decides it’s time to try another maniac for caregiver. Why doesn’t Miss Andrea care? She had threatened all with a 30 day notice if they complain to the Ombudsmen. So they suck it up and pretend to be good. I got a 30 day notice. I am glad I did. I would much rather be honest than play games. I don’t like rabbit holes.

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