Another Day, Another Holler

Yesterday I was sick. My stomach was bothering me, my ear hurt, and I didn’t feel well in general. I sent a message by my roommate to the “caregiver ” that I wouldn’t be eating I gotta in the dining room. At lunchtime, “caregiver ” stopped by my room to ask if I might eat anything else, which I thought was sweet, but my stomach said “no”. This morning, I felt better so I decided to eat breakfast in the dining room. “Caregiver “, out of spite, had not fixed a plate for me at the table. My table partner, Melinda, offered me her plate with the explanation that she had fallen the night before and bumped her head and wasn’t that hungry. She only wanted the bread part of breakfast. I said “ok” and began eating. In waltzes “caregiver “. First, she chewed me out about not telling her yesterday that I would not be eating in the dining room. This after she stopped by my room. She informed me that I had no right to that breakfast since I had passed up 3 meals yesterday. Did I mention she was shouting vehemently the whole time? She even accused me of “taking “, stealing, Melinda’s breakfast. I still feel very weak, and not ready for a run-in with Dracula, so I was shaking all over. She began shouting at Melinda, who had fallen the night before. Melinda was yelling at her to shut up. I was yelling at her to go to Hell. She didn’t hear either of us. Melinda and I both dissolved into tears. I went to my room. Melinda went to her friend ‘s room for comfort. My roommate came in to comfort me, and it helped a lot. However, owner, Andrea, plans to keep this griefgiver, and I have reached my limit. When I start telling insane people to go to Hell, I need to leave. I have had it. I now suffer a bad stress headache. I had it yesterday too. I don’t know how much more Melinda can tolerate. What can I reasonably do to get this woman unemployed from here? Any ideas?

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