Still another post

Have you ever been so hungry you thought you could eat pictures of food? I have. And at Rose Blossom, this low salt diet the doctor put me on is being played for all it’s worth. It doesn’t help that we’ve had so many temporary caregivers lately who have never read a nutrition list in their lives. So their idea of low salt is, oh, a teaspoon, maybe half a teaspoon– of salt in anything. That so bad. Is it? Half a teaspoon of salt is 1,000 mg of sodium. The doctor put me on a limit of 550 mg per day.

I just went to breakfast. It was muffins. Caregiver hadn’t prepared any for me. Her excuse? “I thought you might complain that there was too much salt in them. ” Well, Einstein, why didn’t you just ask me? You had plenty of time to ask me. This “caregiver ” is the owner ‘s mother. She’s been here plenty of times before. She knows me. She offered to make me an egg. One egg. Which is the subject of this rant.

I stay hungry. I get very little to eat. Even when I get to eat full meals, there is not much to them. Before I learned to order online, I was dizzy a good deal of the time. Then one day, another resident gave me something to eat and a drink, and the dizziness dissipated! I ordered some protein bars online and have felt better since. But one egg for breakfast? Give me a break.

I wondered why the substitute caregivers were starving us, but I guess it was instructions from the owner, Andrea. I keep losing weight. Something needs to happen here. I have been praying for an apartment. I hope God sees this as I do.

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