I am reduced to tears, and outright honesty. I can take no more of the bullying. You never knew I was being bullied, did you? I don’t believe I told you. I attempted to solve the problems here by dealing with the Ombudsmen. For the most part, this worked. Then the owner of Rose Blossom gave me a 25 day notice if I complained again, i.e., called the Ombudsman, talked honestly with my doctor, etc. In other words, if I were to take advantage of the protection provided for me by the State in case of abuse or bullying, I would have to leave. What does this tell you about the owner?It tells me a great deal: she’s a coward who cares more about the money she receives from her residents and the financial programs they are enrolled in that help pay the $2000+ rent. I would add board to that if I didn’t have to provide so many of my own meals, as well as toilet paper, Kleenex, paper towels, bathroom cleaner, washcloths, towels, you name it, and for over $2,0000, I am providing my own. Owner takes the money home with her, apparently. She also hires short-term abusive “caregivers”. We are supposed to “give them a chance ” while they toy with our medications, raise Cain with us about things a normal person would never notice, burn our food, lie about us, and cause tensions to rise to such a level here that my heart beats hard and fast. Why? Idiot owner, Andrea, believes these demented, abusive women. Why does she trust them? Because Andrea is lazy. Andrea wants to do what Andrea wants to do, and if these walking mental cases can pass for trustworthiness in Andrea’s brain, then she’s free of the responsibility of Rose Blossom.

So, I found myself being honest tonight. Donnie, the newest mental case, uh, caregiver, accused me of not cleaning up my mess on the table. I had. Someone had left part of an apple on the table, so she insisted it was mine and I clean it up. When owner, Andrea came, she tried again. Now, if Mental Case had been anything close to nice, I would have just thrown the apple in the garbage. Mental Case is never nice to me. On top of that she lied, saying I was the only one who had an apple. Now, everyone got an apple at lunch. Donnie knew that. She put them there. But Andrea, who has known Donnie for 5 days, believed her instead of me. Andrea never believes me. Which is why I always had to call the Ombudsman. When a problem came up, Andrea did not want to deal with it. A normal person would have, in an instant! seen what the Mental Case, Donnie, was doing. Andrea’s desire to shed the responsibility of Rose Blossom yet maintain the earnings overwhelms any good sense she might have. I don’t think she ever had any. I foresee many more honest moments coming up. I just hope my daughter can find another place for me to live. In the meantime, I might have to contact the Ombudsmen age.

9 thoughts on “Tears

  1. I would ask how you’re feeling/doing, but after reading your posts it’s an unreasonable question. It hurts me to learn of such heartless actions. Your writing is bringing awareness to passionless nursing facilities. I’m glad you’re feisty and refuse to give up! However, no one should endure such emotional abuse. Let me hear from you.

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    1. Hey Piney, I just finished writing another one. I have to tell you, since I have sent texts to the Ombudsmen I feel so much better! I don’t care what Donnie or Andrea say. The Ombudsmen told me to call if the bullying began again, and now I see that they are seeing it from a different angle. Everyone here is being bullied. Jo, who is usually brave and talkative, has been so nervous and tense. She’s diabetic. Donnie is picking on Zelma, the lady with memory problems, and I told the Ombudsman about it. It’s getting Zelma down. I got a letter from a friend at the nursing home I was at! She said there isn’t much good news. Lotta people fired and lotta people quit. Good people. Some of her friends are sick. My friend Carolyn, is bedridden. Constantly throwing up. Doctors don’t know what’s causing it. One lady just quit eating. She’s the second one there to do that. The first one starved herself to death. While I was on the hall with her, we ate together and she ate well. They moved me, and she quit eating. She had friends. She had been mistreated there and wanted to die to get away. Now Gloria is not eating. Her family was going to come get her and changed their mind. Deep sorrow can warp the way you see things in life. Good to hear from you. Don’t be a stranger ♥️

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      1. HELLO!!! I’m glad you’re consistently contacting the Ombudsmen and voicing your concerns! Maybe your persistence will rub off on the other residents!?? Everyone needs optimism and hope! However, your “care” staff seems to be robbing residents of both!!! I’m sorry for the hardships being endured by your fellow residents. Let me hear from you!


      2. Truth be told, our “care” staff has robbed all of us of hope. None of us trust her. We are discussing Donnie, right? I was informed tonight that no, she didn’t just come from a local prison, but she sure did behave like that. Most of us were afraid of her because her temper was so, well, volatile. Volatile means easily evaporated at normal temperatures. Yep. This woman could not tolerate normal everyday give and take. She carried a rage inside of her that was frightening. I could write several pages about the outrageous things she did while she was here. The last time she lost her temper with us, I cried, and sobbed without shame. Melinda was in the dining room crying. I sent a text to my friend and told her I give up. I felt defeated. I had done all I knew to do, including asking God to help. I just folded like a piece of used cardboard. I was even sicker after that. Weak and sick with man earache and cold. One morning, I went to the dining room for ice and water, and lo and behold, Monica walked in! Monica is Jamaican, and one of these people who is relaxed 😎 and doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Even better, she loves us, and she was our caregiver for the day! ♥️♥️♥️♥️ Heaven had come down! I stayed for breakfast and enjoyed myself thoroughly! With Monica here, the whole atmosphere changed from threatening to life-giving, to roses blooming in the desert. I ate lunch and supper in the dining room. What a day! I took Sable for a walk, and she began eating again! Sable is our dog. Donnie had her negative effects on Sable too. One thing, the Ombudsman asked me what I would like to see happen the most, and I said I would like to see the bedbugs gone. They are gone. I know this is long. I am pouring my heart out to you because you understand these situations. I got some toilet paper from a Walmart in South Carolina. I don’t know who sent it. Donnie opened it and took one package of it out, and never told me it was on the front porch! Like I said, this woman did a lot of things. She’s gone now, and all we have are bad memories. I go to the dr soon and unless we get a serial killer next, I keep feeling better. Owner is not a good judge of people. She’s in too big a hurry to hire.


      3. Right now, I have been placed in isolation. Supposedly because I am contagious. I have shingles in my left eye. The dr said there is no need whatsoever for me to be in isolation at all! Owner doesn’t care. Also, I believe my eye drops came yesterday, and I have heard nothing of them. Received no doses. I am going to call the pharmacy this morning to make sure Rose Blossom received them yesterday, and if they did, and I receive no dose this morning early, I will call the dr, and Ombudsmen and my daughter the nurse. I also have an ear infection, and while in isolation, no one comes to check on me, offer cold water, hot tea, anything. No call lights either. Just to let you know. This place needs to fold.

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      4. How are your shingles? My grandmother had shingles 3 times in five years…..once she had ocular shingles! How are you making out with the current COVID-19 crisis? Are you staying safe? Is your facility on lockdown/in isolation?


      5. Yes. The owner doesn’t even want us going to the doctor. It’s getting ridiculous. I say this because we are going stir crazy. There are no organized activities here. A tv in the living room. That’s it. I stay in my room and watch old movies on my phone and play Majong. I also go out in the yard with the dog, Sable, but I am the only one strong enough to do that. Shingles 3x??? Aaaauuuuugghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
        Ocular shingles is extremely painful. I plan to get the vaccine as soon as possible. My eye still hurts, not as bad, but with all of this reading I do it gets tired. It is a lot better tho. A younger friend of mine got pneumonia and had the Coronavirus test, but I guess she’s all right because she hasn’t texted me or called. We prayed for her. I also asked a mutual friend to pray for her. God answers prayer. I have been asking God again to please get me out of here. Owner left us with doozy of a caregiver. She’s crazy. Argues all the time. Makes things up. Plus, I cannot eat her food since she salts and spices it so heavily. Even fried eggs and grits. I’m hungry.

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  2. Piney, The “Caregiver “, Donnie, packed her things up and left today. Everyone is so relieved and happy! I just hope Andrea doesn’t hire a serial killer in her place. This woman, Donnie, had me near tears all the time. She also picked on Melinda, who had a hard time with the shouting and upsets that Donnie brought with her. I got so discouraged. Just when I thought I couldn’t hang on any more, the woman ups and leaves. Fancy that. I had convinced myself that God wasn’t hearing my prayers for some reason, which wasn’t true. God’s not pathetic like we are. He has the wisdom to see through the sorrow and crud we may present that sounds like a prayer to us. He meets us where we are able to be. Easy to see now that Donnie – and all the tension- have left. Thanks for being such a good friend. Your grandmother was really blessed to have you.


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