Rose Blossom s

I am so tired. The new caregiver is argumentative, to say the least. Unfriendly, also. She finds that the residents here are beneath her. She told us last night that “I am the manager of this place and you need to stay in your place!” She was angry because, while while she was shouting at a fellow resident, I told her to leave her alone. That is what she told me. Well, part of what she told me. This woman is so mean. She moves in today and with her an attitude that maintains no respect for us. She enjoys being the boss, not the caregiver. She enjoys threatening us. Andrea doesn’t care about her attitude towards us. I daydream about walking out the door and leaving. My daughter says she will pray for me and look for a place for me to go. I tell you, if this caregiver is staying, I am going to stay in my room, away from her ugly mouth. I say that, but maybe I shouldn’t. All I know is that I am too tired of the drama and the shouting and the yelling.

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