Making Good Impressions

Everyone likes to make good impressions on others. The more important the other person is to helping us accomplish our goal, the more eager we are to help him form a good impression in his memory of us. Those who keep a business going have to follow certain laws to maintain their business. A business that is an assisted living facility is run in the same way. Certain laws must be followed in order to maintain this type of business and to be successful at it, not to mention avoiding government involvement and fines for failing to live up to standards that have been set.

So why do many nursing homes get by with resident abuse while the State turns a blind eye? Are assisted living facilities any better ? No. The assisted living facility I am in is no better than a nursing home as far as abuse is concerned. We can come and go as we please. That’s nice. At this facility, we are left with a caregiver, whoever owner happens to hire. For the last 6 months, our caregiver was a woman who was given to fits of temper that lasted a week at a time. She would scream at us (there are 5 of us) that all of her troubles were our fault! She would bang the cabinets in the kitchen and clash the dishes until I thought they might break. She finally left. Now we have another. Hired over the phone, sight unseen, from a nursing home. She is not exactly sane. She sits and talks in between meals. She can lose her temper in an instant! Last night, I thought she was going to refuse to give me my medication. She joys in leaving off communication, then telling me, after a situation is over, a major detail I needed to know. She bullies me. I don’t think she does this to anyone else. These are the people Andrea leaves us with.

What? What’s that you say?? Call the Ombudsman? Oh. Well. See, Andrea has this threat. If anyone makes a complaint, she could get a 25 day notice to leave. So the other ladies here are afraid to complain to anyone. I am not. Yesterday, Andrea offered me the 25 day notice unless I supported her. I thought I would choke on the words, but I said, I support you. I said this so my daughter and I will have more time to find a place for me to live, hopefully an apartment. By the way, this 25 day notice is illegal. Andrea can’t do this. Legally. She intimidates the women here because she is breaking so many laws that if anyone in State discovered it, because all 5 of us complained at the same time, Andrea would be heavily fined or closed down.

I go to the doctor tomorrow. When she asks if things are good here, I will tell her the truth. Andrea,an R.N., refused to put me on a low sodium diet as requested by my doctor. The caregiver bullies me. I don’t like living under threats. Nobody does. I will tell the doctor exactly the way things are.

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